Celebrating Diyandi Festival in Iligan City!


A video that showcase how Iliganons enjoy their celebration of Diyandi Festival 2017. See at YouTube .

It all started when our patron saint Senior San Miguel came down from his throne. Countless people witness the “Pagpakanaog” of Senior San Miguel shouting at his name, waving like a fan to his idol. Senior San Miguel is a soldier of God came down from heaven to protect all Iliganons in Iligan City.

Iligan City has what they called “Mugna” located at Tipanoy Iligan City. You can see many rides here like Frisbee ride and Ferris wheel.

Contests like Danztrack were conducted with contingents from different schools in different category, teachers category, students from high school category and students from elementary category. Miss Iligan 2017 with special guests Lara Quigaman and her husband Marco Alcaraz. Iligan City most awaited “Sayaw Saulog” which showcases different tribes, the Higaunon, Lumad, Muslim, and Diyandi with contingents from different school. There’s this new entry called “Parada de San Miguel” with contingents from different schools.  The Parada de San Miguel chant a song about Senior San Miguel while walking in the street.

Iligan City is where I belong. Iligan City is the city who molded me well as a person. There is no such a perfect city but what makes it perfect is the people who treasure the culture of Iliganons up to the present. I am proud to be an Iliganon!



How to download music from YouTube to Mp3 in 10 steps.

Heyo! I know that some of you has a difficulties finding a good mp3 converter that as easy as 123, so here is a 10 steps tutorial to convert youtube music to mp3. Hope it can help you :*

  1. Go to Google  – proven and tested that you can find all things under the sun when you search in Google. 1st.png2. Youtube to mp3 converter- type the “youtube to mp3 converter” in the search engine and then click “enter” to access. 2nd.png3. Youtube to Mp3 – find this link “” and then click it so that it will access to the most easy converting website. 3rd.png4. Go to – go to youtube and then search the song you wanted to convert. See example below: 4th.png5. Click the title of the song – by clicking the title of the song it will make the music start. 5th.png6. Copy the URL of the song or video – you need to copy the URL because the URL is the one to be converted. See picture below: 6th.png7. Go back to the Youtube to Mp3 website – paste the copied URL and then click the “convert” in the right side. See picture below: 7th8. Click “DOWNLOAD” – after the URL has been converted, click the “download” button for it to start downloading. See picture below: 8th.png9. Wait a minute to finish Download – after clicking the download button it will immediately start downloading and what you need is to wait for awhile. 9th10. FINISH! – after waiting for just a minute, tadaaa! Download finish! 10th.pngSee? In just 10 easy steps you can now download your favorite music from youtube. I hope this tutorial can help you make downloading music easy as 123 :* byeee guys thaaank you! Just leave  comments 🙂 kamsa!


Beatrice Faye Edio Macaliag

21231801_1455916297833035_3847955497198875016_nI am Beatrice Faye Edio Macaliag, 18 years of age. I am currently residing at Roosevelt Ext. Purok 12 Saray Tibanga Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte Mindanao, Philippines. I am studying at Iligan City National High School and I am in grade 12 taking up Humanities and Social Sciences. Why I belong to HUMSS strand? Simply because ever since I was a child I always wanted to become a policewoman, but when my journey as a senior high school student in Humanities and Social Sciences started I realize that what I really want is to socialize with other  people.


I am also a proud Student Peer Facilitator. I started year 2014 when I was in the 9th grade. It was never an easy thing as student peer facilitator because we are the extension of the guidance office to help our peers in terms of any problems like study  issues, family issues and financial issues, if we the student peer facilitator cannot handle the problem of the students, that’s the time will going to refer the students to the guidance counselors.

22049914_1479173505507314_4058770574621301322_nA frustrated dancer. I love dancing and I’ve joined dance contest before. In the picture above, it was my latest achievement, the Diyandi Festival Sayaw Saulog in Iligan City. We represented our school Iligan City National High School and won the 4th place in the said competition.

15780683_1214747365283264_8690337927770004181_nMost important is that I am a family oriented person. The achievements and characters that I’ve shown earlier will never gonna happen if the family I have right now doesn’t exist. I have my mother Floriza Edio Macaliag and my father Felix Balignot Macaliag who are both supportive in all things that I want to accomplish because they have their full trust on what things I can do better in this life. My siblings, Princess Thea Edio Macaliag and Emmanuel Edio Macaliag whom I loved so much because they make my darkest moment shine. I am very thankful to our Lord God for giving me this kind of family and for always believing that I can do things better than the other. Thank you so much Lord God for guiding me all throughout my journey. Thank you!